The barn and the animals have been sold on April 1, 2023.

The new owners are Eveliina Kokkoniemi and Juho-Heikki Kauppinen.

Here is a short description of the milking of the barn built in 2008.

Before milking times ( at 5 am and 4 pm ) we collect cows to holding pen. The grow gate safely moves cow forward toward the parlor. We have side-by-side parlor with 20 milking units. We chose it for space-saving and steps-saving solution. We operate between the cow back legs and so it is short distance to udder as well as the distance between each cow. Indexing brings cow backwards and so it is safely to clean teats and attach milking clusters. We have also automatic clusters removers and milk meters and pipelines are behind the stainless steel cabin to making cleaning easier.Adjustable floor makes working more ergonomic. After milking cows quick-exit and go through the sort gate, this will separate cows to main area or to treatment area. We have also activity meter, which make breeding easier. Cow indentification is very big part of our dairy housing. So we can look after cow daily / weekly milk production and breeding situation.