Welcome to Hukkala-farm!


We live here in Vieremä, which is a little countryside municipality quite middle in Finland. Nearest big city is Kuopio.

Our family belongs me, Minna and Esko Luttinen, both are born in 1967. Esko has a lot of agricultural education, he is an agrologic. I have been one year like home economics teacher before this carrier. We have two lovely daughters. Johanna is born in 1994 and Noora is one year younger. One big part of our family is also Esko`s parents, who live about 400 meters from us. It is very big issue to have grandparents!

 We bought Hukkala-farm from Esko`s parents in 1994. There were then about 20 cows, 32 hectares fields and 100 hectares good forest. In spite of douptful future with soon coming Europe Union, expansion started immediately. At first we built house to grandparents and then we repaired old tie-up stall stable. It enlarged in 1999, so we had places to 40 milking cows. But since those days our heifers grew up in neighbors stable.