Free stall stable

Because the lack of space and need to have comfortable future for cattle and herdsmen, we decided to build new free stall stable. Construction started in the spring of 2008 and heifers came in from snow in first of November. Milking started in 17 th of Decembr.

Now we have 99 places in three rows to milking cows. Stalls are covered with pasture mats filled with rubber. We have liquid manure system with deep alleys. Alleyways clean up five times a day with driving straw machine with scraper, which also bed - spread in same time wood shaves and turf. There are two calving pens; places to 7 cows and 6 treatmet tie-up stalls for exaple when needed insemination. Also there is 6 places to newborn calves with heating lamps and about 20 places little bit bigger calves, which will enjoy automatic feeding system with real milk. Those calves sleep on straws under infraheaters. Heaters are necessary in winter; the temperature in stable is about 8 plus degree. And of course we have now places to 96 heifers and another young stock. Additional we can own more than 200 heads. But we hope, that we own only 200 heads:)

Esko´s father Niilo helps us a lot, he works just with tractors and the main job is feeding. We have also two full-time workers.